Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

Developers of hearing aids are always looking for new and improved ways of making hearing aids better and more useful in people’s lives. Bluetooth technology makes it possible for hearing aid users to connect their hearing aids to various devices like cell phones and TVs. Bluetooth technology works similarly to wireless Internet, where sounds are sent through an invisible electronic signal. Almost all of today’s hearing aid styles come Bluetooth-enabled.

What are the Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

The main benefits to using Bluetooth technology is that it will allow you to obtain a better sound quality when using your hearing aids with your favorite electronic devices. Think of them as a pair of wireless, high-end, headphones when listening to music or television. They are convenient, cordless, and easy to use.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids also make connecting to phone calls, conference calls, and using other technology a more enjoyable experience. They eliminate the annoyances of feedback (whistling) and static noise interference that was often present with traditional hearing instruments.

What are the Disadvantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

To be able to sync with electronic devices like the television and a cell phone, a little set-up work is required. Most often, a semi tech savvy family member is all that is needed for television hook-ups. The transmitter converts the Bluetooth signal from the electronic device (or mobile phone), to a technology that is understood by the hearing aid. A small transmitter accessory, most often worn around the neck, is required. Some people are reluctant to wear it at first. However, after the benefits are experienced, almost everyone is very pleased with how they can hear, and don’t mind wearing this accessory. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and accessories can also be somewhat pricey, and may not be worth it for someone who doesn’t plan on using the television or telephone very often.

If you are interested in Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices, talk to one of our audiologists about all of your options. Let your audiologist know the listening situations you are in each day, and the types of devices you use throughout the day, and ask how Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids could make that a better experience. Ask to see a model and experience a real-time demonstration.