Cell Phone Accessories

Telecoil Cell Phone Accessories

Although the FCC now requires that hearing aid compatible (HAC) cell phones meet strict guidelines for quality, some hearing aid users wish to further improve their cell phone experience. Using specialized cell phone accessories can make cell phones even more compatible with hearing aids. Some accessories utilize Bluetooth technology, and others utilize the hearing aid telecoils.

What is a Telecoil?

A telecoil (also known as t-switch or t-coil) is a telephone switch feature that is now built into about half of all hearing aids. If you are unsure if your hearing instrument has this feature, ask one of our audiologists.

What is a Neckloop?

A neckloop is a necklace-sized wire that connects to many devices including HAC phones, and are worn around the neck and connect to the hearing aids and other technology. Neckloops generate a weak personal magnetic area that is recognized by the telecoil in the hearing instrument, which is then amplified by the hearing aid.