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Patient Testimonials

When I first saw my audiologist about a hearing aid, I knew nothing about how they worked and just what a hearing aid could do for me. The audiologist's demeanor was welcoming, she put me at ease, and she explained what she thought would be the most helpful to me, considering my particular hearing problem. We worked together for several sessions to come up with just the right instrument and right programs to assist me in having the best hearing possible for work and for my personal life. She always seemed interested in what was best for me, not in just trying to sell me something.
Dee Ann McFarlin
My Oticon Alta2 Pro TI hearing aids have changed my life and my level of enjoying my life. I had hearing aids from another company and did not realize what I was missing until I was given the opportunity of wearing these on a trial basis. Case closed. I immediately knew that I wanted them. I was able to hear things that I had not heard for a long time.

I love music and had not realized how much of the sound had deteriorated over the years until I heard it again to its fullest with these hearing aids. They were worth every penny and this comes from someone who watches every penny.

I have not been disappointed with any of the accessories that I have purchased. I highly recommend the Streamer Pro 1.3A for anyone who enjoys TV, as I do. I am now able to hear the TV sound crisply without running everyone out of the room. In fact, the streamer allows the user to turn the sound down completely. I just recently purchased the remote control 2.0 and was immediately pleased with its performance and ease of usage.

I highly recommend Dr. Gilmore's Hearing Aid Diagnostic Center and his excellent staff for their superior customer service and their concern for my satisfaction. They also arranged a year of interest free financing.

I cannot write a review glowing enough for the gratitude I feel.
Dalton K.